Kapatid Ministry presents

Two Decades of His Grace

Celebrating Twenty Years of
God's Work in the Philippines

Since 2003


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Message to our Partners

by Titus Jr and Beth Laxa

Tribute to our Pastors

by Arwin and Amy Calansanan

Rhalyn’s Story: God works in the lives of Overseas Filipino Workers

Rhalyn shares how she came to know Kapatid Ministry and how God blessed her through the ministry. Read her simple yet meaningful responses to our questions.

Cath’s Story: Never Give up on Christ

Cath, a former Overseas Filipino Worker in Malaysia, shares how she experienced a profound transformation in her relationship with God through the church outreach ministry of the Filipino Community Christian Congregation (FCCC-KLBC) in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. Read her God-honoring story!

Mary Joy’s Story: Learning to Put God First in Life

Mary Joy tells about how her journey in life is filled with joyful blessings and also heart-breaking hardships. Read her story and be encouraged with her inspiring story.

Priya’s Story: Reaching a (Seemingly) Unreachable Dream

Priya, a college student, shares how God is bringing her closer to her dreams through the educational scholarship program. Read her very encouraging story.

Renelyn’s Story: Becoming a Christian Criminologist

Renelyn is a newly college graduate who almost was not able to do so due to financial difficulties. But God blessed her through the Educational Scholarship Program, helping her cross the finish line into becoming a Criminologist. This is her story.

Apple’s Story: Keep Moving Forward

Apple tells us how the God used the Out of School Youth Program to bring him to AMG Skilled Hands Technological College, showing him a path to success that he could not have imagined. Read his inspiring story.

Jeffrey’s Story: His Grace is Sufficient

Jeffrey, one of our newer sponsored children, shares how the sponsorship program has been a blessing for him. Read his short story.

Bryan’s Story: God has a Big Impact on My Life

Bryan, one of our sponsored children in the mountains in Tarlac, shares how he became a sponsored child and how this has impacted him. Read his brief yet meaningful story.

Grace’s Story: Coordinating 19 years of Child Sponsorship in our local church

Grace, our coordinator in the Child Sponsorship Program in Llano, Caloocan City, talks about how the sponsorship program has impacted the marginalized children in the community, their families, the church, most importantly, how it impacted her. Read her thought-provoking story.

Mary Joy’s Story: Newly Sponsored

Mary Joy, a newly sponsored student from Isabela, expresses joyfully about how God has been at work in her life. Read her short and simple account.

Joan’s Story: Being Part of My Story

Joan, a 1st-year college student taking a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education with a major in English, tells how God has wrote her life story through the Child Sponsorship Program. Read her amazing story!

Pastor Romy’s Story: Church Planting for Christ

Pastor Romeo Longos, our partner Pastor who is instrumental in planting churches in Pulilan and in Ipo Dam, shares how Kapatid Ministry's partnership in different ministries since 2011 has been helpful. Read his letter to us.

Pastor Juan’s Story: Mushroom as Livelihood

Pastor Juan, a participant of our livelihood program from Naguilian, Isabela shares how his mushroom farm has become a blessing for his family, his church, as well as the community where he is in. Read his fascinating story.

Pastor Jonathan’s Story: Blessing Children in Bohol

Pastor Jonathan narrates how the feeding ministry started in Bohol and how it resulted in blessing the people in the various communities with the life-changing Gospel. Read his simple yet meaningful story.

Pastor Richard’s Story: Blessing Seniors in Tarlac

Pastor Richard speaks about how the Bless-a-senior citizen Program helped his church minister to senior citizens in the community. Read his encouraging story.

Joel’s Story: Towards the Same Goal

Joel, our partner coordinator for the Child Sponsosrhip Program in Pantai Baptist Church, recounts how his experience with Kapatid Ministry gave a glimpse of how believers with the same goal can work together to accomplish God's ordained mission. Read his eye-opening testimony.

Ariel’s Story: In Service Until He Returns

Bro. Ariel, our Board Member, shares how Kapatid Ministry has made an impact in the Visayas region during the past years, through feeding programs and calamity assistance. Read his brief yet meaningful narrative.

Pastor Jessie’s Story: For the Sake of the Great Commission

Pastor Jessie Arce, Pastor of Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Delaware, USA, shares how he witnessed the beginning of Kapatid Ministry in 2003 and how he views the impact of Kapatid Ministry for the communities in the Philippines as well as his church in Delaware. Read his amazing story.

Jo Ann’s Story: Advancing the Gospel among OFWs in Malaysia

Dra. Jo Ann, an Overseas Filipino Worker in Malaysia, shares how her church's partnership with Kapatid Ministry was founded on a shared passion for bringing the Gospel to Oveerseas Filipino Workers in Malaysia. Read her amazing account of what God has done in Malaysia among Filipinos.

Eunice’s Story: Designing for Non-Profit

Eunice, our former graphic designer, shares how she found satisfaction and growth through her time with Kapatid Ministry. Read her fascinating responses to our questions.

Chicky’s Story: Making a Difference

Chicky, our former Finance-Admin Officer, shares how working in KAPATID Ministry has provided her with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Read her very impactful story.

We praise God for His two decades of faithfulness, and for your partnership in the ministry among the poor.

Blessed is the one who considers the poor!
In the day of trouble the Lord delivers him;
Psalm 41:1